La Guajira – A Tourist Destination

A lot has been said about La Guajira: the beauty of its landscapes, the kindness of its people, the cultural richness due to its indigenous settlements, the colorful sunsets. Nonetheless, you can only understand, know, and enjoy La Guajira when you decide to take the touristic route to its lands. Geographically, La Guajira is divided into three subregions: upper, middle, and southern Guajira; each one with unique characteristics that make the territory even more interesting. Climate is semi-arid and its average temperature oscillates between 27 and 30 °C (80 - 86 °F), with maximum values of 45°C (113°F). Rain is scarce, except the months of September and November.

Its capital Riohacha –a touristic attractions itself– works as a transit site toward the different places this broad state has to offer. The most-known tourist sites in the region are: Cabo de la Vela, Parque Natural Nacional Macuira (Macuira National Natural Park), Punta Gallinas, Uribia, Manaure, Mayapo, Santuario de Flora y Fauna Los Flamingos (Los Flamingos Santuary of Flora and Fauna), and Palomino. You can arrive to the state by plane, landing at the International Airport “Almirante Padilla” of Riohacha, where two flights from Bogota arrive daily; or by land from any part of the country.

La Guajira is a vast and diverse region, full of places to visit. As time goes by, its potential has been understood. Nowadays, its people are working to offer touristic services helping position the state as a preferred touristic scenery. As a developing touristic destination, anyone who visits La Guajira should understand its infrastructure limitations and should appreciate the beauty on its little touched and transformed places. This fist post is an invitation to absorb the place, engage with the people, taste its food, enjoy its landscapes, and be able to say with certainty: “I know La Guajira, and fell in love with it”.







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